No matter how long agony continues, joy will come one day

Resisting the influence of years of grief and oppression made me call my youngest daughter ‘Farah’ [i.e. joy]. In spite of all the pain, I still prefer to be optimistic. Perhaps life would finally offer me what I dreamed of and wanted, it might give me what I deserve and what I struggled for. May […]


I am from Aleppo. I lived part of my childhood in Akhtarin town in Aleppo countryside. I come from a conservative environment, and my father is strict and hard, so he did not allow me to continue my studies after the sixth grade. My mother is passionate; she loves me and I love her very […]

Story of fear… of the corners of rooms and of her memories

2016 was a pivotal year in my life. In a single moment, everything was turned upside down. It was the moment I was arrested by the Syrian regime’s security services.  Nothing was the same after that. Before 2016, I was a strong, happy girl and I was proud of my accomplishments. I got married while […]