The Association handed over to the International Mechanism (IIIM) information and evidence on more than 100 former officials in the Sednaya prison

Earlier in October, the Association of Detainees and Missing Persons at Sednaya Prison (ADMSP) handed over a set of evidence and information about the identities of military personnel working in Sednaya Prison. They are believed to be involved in crimes against humanity, including crimes of torturing detainees to death during their work in Sednaya Prison in Syria.
The evidence included accurate information about the identities of more than 100 military employees and former prison officials, whose locations and periods of service in prison varied. The process of handing over evidence coincided with the ADMPS’s release of its report, which included unprecedented information about the military hierarchy and the chain of command and orders inside Sednaya prison. Over the years, ADMSP worked to collect information and provide evidence and testimonies that support any accountability or prosecution of torturers inside Sednaya prison.
This comes in the context of its cooperation with the International Mechanism IIIM on sharing evidence and building cases to enhance the prosecution of persons involved in war crimes in Syria and in the implementation of the special cooperation agreements signed between ADMSP and IIIM, where the ADMSP contributed to sharing the information it collects about the Syrian detention system and crimes that are committed in these centers.
ADMSP will not spare any effort in order to reach justice, and it is committed to the victims and their families to work on prosecuting the criminals in Sednaya prison and the rest of the places of detention and collecting the largest amount of information about them to ensure that they are brought to justice, no matter how long it takes.