Aug 092010

Hello Everyone,As you all may know, ADMSP is now at the stage where it has to obtain approval of its preliminary plans from the City of Miami Beach’s Historic Preservation Board.

For a bit of background, on May 13, 2010 Miami Beach’s City Manager, Jorge M. Gonzalez, approved the preliminary plans after review with all of the pertinent city staff. See:


With that submittal, ADMSP included full landscape design plans
that were created by Orlando Comas A.S.L.A., Landscape Architect. See:[youtube=]
We outlined that the next steps were:

1. A neighborhoods meeting for the North Beach Community to give us their input on the landscape plans on August 5th, 2010; and

2. A HPB meeting to obtain the approval from the HPB of the landscape plans on August 10th, 2010.

So we had the neighborhoods meeting on the 5th at the Normandy Shores Park and Pool Community Room and it went great. The community of North Beach loved Les Beilinson’s and Orlando Comas’s presentation outlining the preliminary plans and the landscape plans. The community of North Beach loves the project and supports it 100%. We are happy about it and it motivates us to succeed.From ADMSP, we all say: Thank you to the community of North Beach for supporting ADMSP. Together we will make North Beach become the center of art travel and tourism elevating the economy and quality of life for all in North Beach and Miami Beach as a whole.

We also got several questions at that meeting that we thought we would put together for you in a Q&A. See:

[slideshare id=4925089&doc=admspqa-100808173210-phpapp02&w=500&h=550]

Wish us luck and let us know if you have more questions.

Marlene Saile, Esq.
President/CEO ADMSP

Jul 282010

ADMSP Magazine Cover

Reflecting Back and Looking Forward…I find that I am standing right in the middle. It
makes me be in this moment, a moment that will become the past so quickly.
So now I come to the reflection of time. Almost one year ago ADMSP started on a
road to work
with volunteers. Almost all charities do and why not? The task is easier said
than done but more rewarding than said when done.

Since ADMSP is about an aesthetic experience beyond the traditional museum
audience, it was
thought why not work with volunteers who are students and see if they are able
to make out of the experience a platform they can cross over into a full time
paid position? The pilot program “ADMSP College to Work” was born and
started last year in September. It has been a real learning experience in that
the question became how to learn best using Web 2.0 technologies.

I really did not know how it would go and when you don’t know how it goes, what
do you do? You make a plan. So it began with a plan. The plan was to work with
mass communications students since ADMSP really needed to begin creating
awareness about its project beyond the small group of people who knew about it
in Miami Beach, Florida. Seamlessly, several of these students appeared and we were
off. It was really the time when Facebook overtook My Space and Twitter became
the talk and everyone said: don’t you have a Twitter account? No, we did not.
So the ideas started to drop out of the sky into the plan as small rain
droplets fall on a growing meadow and today we have more than the garden
variety Twitter account.

Since my husband and I wanted to go to Berlin, Germany to raise the funds for this
project, after my volunteer team was assembled, we decided that we would
communicate via e-mail. The volunteers would do their work from their homes and
their own computers 2-6 hours per week.

I wrote up the first public relations campaign for us and we were doing social media.
It’s pretty cute now that I look back on it.

The campaign went great as it was basically a trial run to learn the insides
and out of Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Stumbleupon and others.

But how do you teach inexperienced students the ins and outs of the social
media of Twitter. The myth that generation Y grew up with the internet and that
they automatically know how to work a Twitter account is just that, a myth.
There is so much more to Twitter than meets the birds-eye,
specially when you are using a Twitter account to create awareness for a community
project that no one knows about.

So it became clear that we are not doing social media, we are practicing social
media! How does it work? In order to know how it works, you just have to do it!
Since we have time until our opening, why not practice? We need to learn, so
why not learning by doing? By the time we open, our volunteers who have made it
to the finish line (that’s another story) will definitely know social media
inside out.

We started learning our 1st campaign with presentations. Some very general ones

We also got into the details:

We have come a long way. Presentations are great but they are also limited. I
had to email them
and it was hard to figure out who got what when and where but more importantly,
who read what and did they implement the instructions?

We moved onto mind-maps and google docs and still the limitations where
evident: who got what when and where but more importantly, who read what and
did they implement the instructions?

So after more reflecting the answer was so evident. We have been working with
web 2.0 all along. We needed our own working website and I made one. Today as I
stand and reflect back, I look forward. I am happy to see that we found an
answer. Our own working website is a secret of
course because it is our workplace but I can definitely tell you that it works

As I stand here in the middle today, I look forward to seeing how this website
will evolve and make our practical learning at the “ADMSP College to Work
Program” very easy to manage so that the program becomes very successful.

Beyond a traditional museum audience!

Marlene Saile, Esq.
President/CEO ADMSP

Jul 152010

ADMSP- Magazine Cover

Miami Beach’s City Manager, Jorge M. Gonzalez, approved the preliminary plans on May 13, 2010 after review with all of the pertinent city staff. See:


“With the submittal to the HPB of the Landscape and Preliminary Plans, we are now at our next step in our journey to make this dream come true”, said Marlene Saile, Esq, President and CEO of ADMSP.

With this submittal, ADMSP has included full landscape design plans that were created by Orlando Comas A.S.L.A., Landscape Architect. See:


The next steps are:

1. A neighborhoods meeting for the North Beach Community to give us their input on the landscape plans on August 5th, 2010; and 2. A HPB meeting to obtain the approval from the HPB of the landscape plans on August 10th, 2010.

“ADMSP would like to thank Jorge M. Gonzalez, the City Staff, the members of the HPB, Les Beilinson, Orlando Comas and everyone else involved for all of your priceless contributions to the collective effort to achieve yet another milestone in ADMSP’s development towards achieving its mission”, said Peter Saile chairman of ADMSP.

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Jul 142010

ADMSP- Magazine Cover

Art and artists are amazing. Every day while working on my plan here at ADMSP headquarters, I find new and inspiring ways people are finding to express themselves. One genre in particular that caught my eye was featured in Life Magazine Onlineshowcasing the most wonderful, weird and most modern sculptures.

In order to steady my heart rate after viewing some of these jarring and neck-jerking images, I headed off to find more in hopes to come across some that can top what Life Magazine featured.  On YouTube, I found this great little montage of a light embedded on a sculpture.

In my work this week, I found myself in awe at all the ways people are finding in order to give their work an edge.  More than that, I was impressed at how so many are not allowing themselves to be limited and are exploiting every available resource in order to get their art out there.

We at we welcome all artists and are eager to find new talent in unlikely places.  Despite professional opinions and views on what is “art” and what is “good art,” I find all forms of expression worthwhile and meaningful.

Everybody who sets out to create is expressing something that is very relevant and personal to them. Because so much of the artist goes into the piece, I respect and admire all works of art, even if its meaning eludes me.

This week I gained a new found appreciation for this broad and welcoming form of expression known as sculpture art and hope I can relay that passion to all of you through ADMSP!

Jul 072010

ADMSP- Magazine Cover

Professionals beware!  ADMSP  is on LinkedIN! Well, we always have been but I’m excited about it because of the fact that it has been incorporated into my Campaign.

What is LinkedIN?

For those of you who are unaware of what LinkedIN is and would like to know, let me first begin by welcoming you back from under the rock you’ve been under.

Now that you have rejoined civilization, allow me to fill you in on some of the basic things that have gone down since you’ve been gone:

Barack Obama is now president.

Larry King retires from Larry King LIVE!

Movies are now in 3D…I know, MEGA cool!

The FIFA World Cup is in progress and…

I turned 27 and LinkedIN has become the leading site for professionals to come and network.

It is important to mention the significance of LinkedIN in a blog because of its flexibility.  The site can make virtually anyone look like a blue collar professional in his/her field by using the array of applications and features the site offers.

Anyone from a New York hot dog vendor to Apple exec designing the I Phone 4 can benefit from being “linked in” LinkedIN.

Take a look at the site’s impact in the video below from the geniuses at The Common Craft Show:

The key thing is how the site is helping me position myself as an expert in my Social Media Creations field within ADMSP.  Due toADMSP’s campaign to create awareness and build an audience, I am using LinkedIN as means to connect with art curators, lovers and dealers, philanthropists who are promoting their own companies/non profits, environmentalists, volunteers, and even musicians and event planners. All of these groups (and many more) have something in common with ADMSP and I am reaching out to them viaLinkedIN.

On my LinkedIN profile, I have tweaked and searched for ways to attract these groups as well as present myself and ADMSPeffectively.  These methods are so people can find me when searching any of the areas ADMSP will feature.

Every week I will work on improving my profile and learning LinkedIN inside  and out.  I look forward to sharing all these cool features with you and hope to catch you on LinkedIN soon!

May 102010

ADMSP- Magazine Cover

Dear Friends,

If one aspect of my entire job at ADMSP is the most challenging, it would be understanding site analytics and how to improve it.

Overall, Google Analytics and all the other site tracking tools that tell a site owner all the stats he or she needs to know in order to make their site traffic increase has always been what has caused me the most struggle.

Additionally the concepts associated with Feed, RSS and all the other methods of sharing are hard for me to grasp. This week I’ve had to face Feedburner head on and I am burned out! Feedburner (like the rest of the world) has been recently purchased by Google. For all sites owned by Google, implementing Feedburner is actually rather easy, it’s the ones not owned by Google that can cause the delays!

But to tell that story I have to start at the beginning. The purpose of Feedburner is to allow your readers to subscribe to your blog through RSS. RSS is Real Simple Syndication and it allows readers to subscribe to your blog and/or site as well as allow other sites to use your content on theirs while generating traffic back to yours. Where Feedburner and RSS differ is exactly what makes Feedburner so useful and necessary to learn. Feedburner allows the blog/site owner to track who is reading/visiting your site, what exactly they are using, amount of clicks and what feeds are most popular. Having this information allows you to post more of the popular feeds and eliminate the posts that get little or no feeds at all.

The easy part was one that was already done. Our Social Media Analytics guru, Yari Velez and her talented successor, Rinita Sen, have already included my blogs on Through Feedburner’s actual site, you can see all the stats, subscribers and stats. The part where the Feedburner widgets and and chicklets are discussed is a whole other story.  

Feedburner has tabs along the top of its home page. Clicking on each tab takes you to those specific Feedburner features that you can implement on each one of your sites. This can be a bit daunting, as some sites are harder to maneuver than others. Many times, HTML codes are provided in order to embed them on your individual sites for the tracking of Feedburner subscriptions. One particular site not cooperating at the moment is ADMSP’s Posterous.

The Feedburner “chicklet” just fails to appear….so far!

Learning any new application requires time and patience. At certain points, I grunted my way through tech articles that were written over my head. Others, I laughed at how overwhelmed I felt with an area that is so manageable. Nothing is more gratifying than reaching your very own “Eureka!” moment and seeing it come together. Learning a new trade you have to be kind to yourself and allow yourself the time to understand the topic, step away from the challenge to refresh yourself when your feeling too stressed, and come back when you’re more at ease.

Feedburner and I are far from over! There are many tabs to explore and conquer, many widgets and “chicklets” to embed, and a lot more readers out there to entice. Until then, we learn, we “‘Burn,” and we Google!

May 052010

ADMSP- Magazine Cover

Dear Friends,

I must say…what a week! The funny, unexpected turns life gives you from time to time can really make you dizzy! I found myself at a scary professional crossroads earlier this week and what came with it was enough to make anyone scream out loud alone in their car!

By this time Wednesday, let’s just say I’ll be having an extra long Cinco de Mayo Happy Hour! As surprising as life is, so are blogs. The more I find, the more I learn that there really is no formula or topic that ensures success. This is mainly because of the largest platform to ever exist: the Internet also holds the largest audience: the world!

As big as the world is, even bigger are the interests and passions of every single individual. Within every person there exists at least three more with different interests and personalities that are often the ones that make us the unique characters we all are! It may sound as if I suffer from multiple-personality disorder, and believe me depending on the day, I would agree, but mostly it’s about the sides of ourselves that we are shy to let out, feel won’t be accepted, or just haven’t reached a point where we are happy with it. It is those sides that fuel blogs everyday. All of those colorful personalities come online as themselves or an alias and search, search and search. Some search for companionship, some search for a voice, some search for research and others search for fun.

Amidst all the topics and sites, there is BlogPulse. BlogPulse is an automated trend discovery system for blogs. BlogPulse applies machine-learning and natural-language processing techniques to discover trends in the highly dynamic world of blogs. BlogPulse is a blog search engine that also analyzes and reports on daily activity in the blogosphere.

The cool thing about BlogPulse is that it does the work for you. After you have submitted your blog URL, the site tracks the trends and reports back to you on what’s hot and what’s not in the “world of blogs.” BlogPulse is kind of a miracle if you will. With all the tools needed to make a blog grow, BlogPulse offers all in one. It can ensure our blog is represented, it allows you to access their search engine to see who is talking about what, tracks featured trends to tell you what topics will burn out quickly like a match or gradually like carbon and it tracks conversations! The conversation tracker maps the flow of the conversation on specific topics across the blogosphere. This neat little invention can help the blogger, AKA your truly, tailor entries to meet the interests of a large group of people.

Lucky for me ADMSP is pretty broad. I’m sure I will have no problem gearing it towards those popular trends appearing all over the World Wide Web! In the meantime friends, stay grounded!

<p><a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”Powered by FeedBurner” style=”border:0″/></a></p>

Apr 272010

ADMSP- Magazine Cover

Dear Friends,

A quick way to know what exactly people are searching for at any given time is to search the list of top searches each search engine displays. Even though all search engines have a list of their own, there is no denying that Google currently dominates the World Wide Web.

For the virtual empire, the list is called Google Hot Trends. The Google Hot Trend List reflects what keywords people are searching for on a daily basis all around the world. Considering how many topics are searched at any given moment throughout the world, it is easy to admire the relevancy all the 20 Hot Trend-ers have achieved. Take Stephen Hawking, for example, his recent news conference in which he stated its best that E.T. stays home has earned him the number 5 spot on the list. His show, “Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking,” placed 14 and Stephen Hawking, the man, is at number 17.

Anyone who is running a site, promoting a project or writing a blog, longs for one of the 20 coveted spots. To track the changes in the Google Hot Trend list is relatively easy, to become a Google Hot Trend, well, that’s a different story…

Sometimes all it takes is a brief mention on the world’s largest platform to get you the “Trends Club.” Last night on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” a millionaire philanthropist donated a staggering $50,000 to a charity aimed at helping families with autistic children spearheaded by the lovely Holly Robinson Peete. Today, that philanthropist by the name of Ron Burkle is Google Hot Trend number 11.

BUT anyone who’s reached the summit of Mt. Everest was once all the way at the bottom and all it takes is to just make the first move.

Since ADMSP has already started their sites to create an online presence, letting others know we exists is the next logical move. Eventually as news spreads of our existence, the quest towards becoming a Google Hot Trend becomes more and more feasible.

What is important to remember is the road to greatness sometimes involves anonymity, and notoriety isn’t always achieved through philanthropy. The goal lies in remaining true to the cause, honest with yourself, sincere to your followers and as Mr. Hawking diligently believes, the universe will take care of the rest!

Apr 192010
ADMSP- Magazine Cover

ADMSP- Magazine Cover

Dear Friends,

The Internet is big. Really big. It’s easy to get lost and it’s hard to be found. There are millions of websites to choose from and with thousands of generated hits with every Search, how is a newbie supposed to reach that coveted number 1 spot on a Search Result?

The secret lies in creating a presence. Relevancy is what makes sites successful and mainly all success stories have one thing in common: Great Tags and Keywords. A “tag,” is just that. A label that when typed in any search bar, corresponds to your site. A “keyword” is a word or words related to your topic that will help you find information when conducting a search. Selecting the right Tags and Keywords can be rather daunting as in the case with ADMSP. What are we exactly? With every facet of our efforts we can create hundreds of Tags and Keywords. Take for example our Conservation Initiatives, from our earth friendly materials to our Butterfly Vivarium, the list can be quite lengthy. To learn what words work best and which ones are too vague, we have to decide what we want people to find.

In my case, I want people to find my blogs. At this point, I have already tackled bounce rates, joined blog communities and am in the process of making friends by commenting on many other blogs. Now, I need to reverse the flow of traffic inwards and spark conversations. This is where Google Alerts comes into play. Google Alerts are e mails automatically sent to you when there are new Google results for your search terms.

After preparing my list of Tags and Keywords relating to my blog topics, I insert them into Google Alerts and wait. Google tracks the Internet for search hits generated off of my Alert List and lets me know. Pretty easy, right? It is a method of determining if my selected Tags/Keywords are being effective.

This tool will be implemented in order to achieve my specific goal of increasing blog viewership. The tools and methods established by Google have made it really easy to get this process started. Google Alerts also works alongside FeedBurner, but more on that later…

Creating, building, expanding, promoting and tracking a blog is more of a marathon than a sprint. You must patiently and diligently work with multiple resources to see your blog prosper. It is rare to find an overnight blog success with so many of them out there at any given time. All of the tools that are available should be implemented wisely in order to achieve maximum results.

Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes the Internet to form a blog!