If your senses ignite at the sight of an interesting piece of art and your spirit craves a place to be one with the breeze, the ocean and the trees, soon your utopia will arrive. A place where harmony rules and butterflies live. Step within a realm where contradictions thrive, a place that is both soothing and exciting, beautiful and jarring, still and flowing, moving and stationary, evolutionary and timeless, organic and mechanic.

We are building the first sculpture park of its kind in the world as it will feature:

FREE changing exhibitions of sculpture from established artists from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

FREE community art classes, fitness and entertainment.

365 days per year in the North Beach section of Miami Beach, Florida.

ADMSP will transform North Beach into a community, cultural, tourism and travel destination elevating the quality of life and economy for all.

We are building a place that although at first glance is a sculpture park, upon further inspection it reveals itself as an important community installation with cultural, social and economic implications that extend well beyond the sculptures and the traditional museum audiences- for EVERYONE!